Business Management

WIN_20170407_09_59_53_ProIn today’s business world technology is running rampant with new paradigms and processes. SMS, LEAN, GANTT, PERT, KPI’s anything and everything to capture customer attention and retention. As well as Employee Attention and Retention. Sometimes the corporation loses focus and direction not only on a yearly timeline and monthly timeline. One person can not wear all the hats, have all the knowledge or know about every skill needed in the environment of any business or worse every business.

Thankfully there are KPI’s, the information is only as good as the parameters that are being measured i.e. Quality, Time, Customer Satisfaction, Cost ect. Not only do these have to be measured with some type of quantitive reliability the parameters have to be flexible for the different aspects of future work, there is no boilerplate template for success or profitability in any sector of the realm we call business.

Feedback Management is often the missed opportunities of any noted management system, the information is either lacking in detail, quantity, or frequency or worse, attention.

What if the feedback as you manage your business was undelivered or delivered and failed to perform critical listening which both have the same result. Most managers attend to the finicial and internal feedback that affects the business because that is what the Owner or Shareholders demandingly want. What about the external factors of community or Green sustainability even if the feedback is out of the box of what business is or does.

To measure all these aspects of Business Management would definitely distract everyone or anyone of us from the core responsibility of meaningful Service that is sustainable.


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