DSCN3356-1Two years military aircraft electronics, Depot and Line Maintenance component, system troubleshooting, repair and maintenance. Education; Airframe and Powerplant Certificates, Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology. Experience start is humble as an aircraft sales detailer and progresses to Business Jet fuel tank repairman while going to school, then progresses to Propeller, Turbo Jets, Business Jets, Bell Helicopters and Commercial Airline and Commercial Cargo Jets. The majority of experience is Avionics, Aircraft Engine, Aircraft Structure, and Aircraft Composite. North State Aviation United Fleet including B787, and B737, B737NG

tmp_downloadfile-4-11731192758 One Time, One Year and Two Year recurrent training Completed 12/07/2013 & 12/08/2013

Preventing Metal Damage, Airworthiness Directives, CAT II/III, Engine Inlet safety, Phenolic Tools, RII & IDT Items, SRM Allowable limits, Fuel Tank safety, ETOPS, Zonal inspection, Reduced Verticle seperation minimums, B737 Nitrogen Generating System, Electrical Wiring Interconnection System, Elctrostatic ESDS, United IPC,tmp_downloadfile-3-21731192758Integrated lockout Lotto system.

B787 12/2013 B737-900 Zone Ext. & Int. Inspection and Lubrication ATA 27 Leading Edge Slat and Krueger Flap Lock Assy. Installation 2010 B737-924ER Interiors ATA 25. Ceiling Panels, Overhead Bins, PSU’s, Environmental Diffusers, Life Rafts and Stow Bins.

B737-924ER Interiors: Insulation, Overhead bins installation, Vacume carpet Avionics: Wire Bundle & Component Installation Structures: Seat Track clean House Keeping:Remove Mod debris.

Boeing 737-924ER Environmental Ducts Boeing 737-924ER Bins, Seats, Tug&Towing, Avionics – Shielded wire, terminals & pin, Entertainment and Sat Phone reconnect, Seat track Clean, Galley Install.

Boeing 737-900 01/03/2014 Team Effort Removed or preped for removal: Galley, Seats, ESDS Connectors, Ceiling Panels, Lock Out Tag Out C/B’s, PSU’s Life Rafts and Bins, Stowage Bins,Filled out parts tags, FOD prevention and cleaning, Customer literature, head phones, and emergency literature, sick bags.

Wet and cold, typical A&P work. braving the elements, sometimes insane, sometimes rewarding.

Wet and cold, typical A&P work. braving the elements, sometimes insane, sometimes rewarding.

Receive and Dispatch Serviced Engine Oil, Serviced IDG, install gear pins, tow crew. isle runner.

B737-900 Prep, removed, installed, Cleaned or Serviced: Galley, Seats, Overhesd Bins, Life Rafts, Tow Crew, Lavatory, Fresh Water, Engine Oil, IDG, ESDS Terminals, Seat Tracks, cover openings, clean carpet,Insulation, wire bundle hardware, removed wire bunble standoff and attached new wire bundle standoff with rivets, interior light bulb, clean and FOD prevention.

737-900 Nitrogen Generation System: tighten and install wire bundle clamps, tighten valve mounts, install NGS Duct, converter, and valve, attached canon plugs, bonding straps, Ground strap continuity check, torque clamps, clean.

FOD Prevention

FOD Prevention, a small piece of copper found on the ramp during other duties.

B737-900 buck rivets on repair for mod, prep hangar bay, tag and quarintine unservicable parts from departing aircraft, prep ramp for arriving plane, tow crew, remove galley g7, unfasten seats, tug, belt loader, filled power cart with diesel, circuit breakers, clear aircraft for hydraulics and flaps, Incoming FMS test, gear pins, check right engine oil and IDG oil levels.

B737-900 check and cover servicable and unservicable parts, clean hangar bay, tow crew, singnaling, check and fill #2 engine oil (ETOP), MOD/AD: center Fuel Tank Bonding check, pac service doors open, leak check and close, gear pins, fork truck, FOD Prevention.


Receive and dispatch, vacum carpet, remove seat covers and prep plane for departure, removed a galley, removed overhead bins, Removed PSU’s, Removed seats, checked right engine oil, servive lav, drained potable water, ESDS prevention, tagged removed parts, removed parishable food from galley, right gear pin, removed nose steering pin, dump trash bins.

United GMM Traing 1/25-26/ 2014


737-900/ER Remove and Install seats, Galley, forward overhead bin, panels, first class seat, insulation, EWAS, seat torque, clean cabin,



installed: over head bins, PSU’s, spacers, remove and install O2 generator.: set scaffold, remove insulation, EWAS; clean fuel panels, hardware and mating surface on aircraft A. service hydraulics on aircraft B, installed fuel panels with torque on Aircraft C after OK from customer rep, and company inspector, cleaned hangar bays. Aircraft A; Clean and removed FOD from Fuel Tanks, confined space entry attendant, prep Fuel Tank access Panels, company rep and inspection, installed fuel tank panel. tow crew, clean cabin, cleaned forward entry, and aft galley area, checked right side landing gear tires and brakes, installed gear pin, serviced right enine oil, aircraft serviced hydraulic system A.





Boeingtmp_CO10_9665-medium-1981989113ns aviation





Live TVantena


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