Sales and Maintenance

tmp_download (5)981177450

tmp_download (8)-782309485I stay competitive with low overhead.
Inventory is what the customer needs at the time of acquisition

▪ Point of sale; Aircraft search, locate and acquisition informal representative Northwest Indiana

tmp_download (2)1446397600• Prevents
o Too many or Too few options according to customer needs
o Reduced Costly upgrades or service to unwanted options
o Prevents Costly AD’s not complied with or being issued during inventory.
o No Unknown damage while aircraft is in inventory or storage
o Reduces Insurance cost
o Reduces Registration cost
o Unwanted excessive Engine time, airframe time or accessory time as indicated by the customer

I find exactly what a customer needs when the order is placed according to the customers budget.tmp_download (3)304108591
• Advantage
o Free up customers time during search
o No sales person pressure sale tactic must make a decision scenarios
tmp_download (4)1626656189o Only look at actual possibilities, no maybes or if that had or didn’t have this or that
o Customer to Owner or Customer to Business direct inquiry reduced.
Oct 6, 2013


DSCN3948    World renowned David Clark Standard Noise Attenuating Low Impedance

Headset H10-76

The #1 Headset in Aviation


Rugged, NRR 24dB, foam filled pad, gel ear seals, custom adjust headband, hinged wire boom, M-87 Dynamic Mic, meets Mil-M-26542\2 USAF, Mic disconnect for use with standard issue oxy chem mask and volume control. MSRP $290.00


DSCN3958DSCN3959Snap On AirBrush Set MSRP $200.00


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